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A responsive carousel slideshow for Wordpres

Carousel CK can display your images or videos into a carousel. It is compatible with mobiles, and responsive design (adaptive width). You can easily manage the slide in the module options with a Drag & Drop interface.




  • Drag & drop slide manager
  • Unlimited slides
  • Responsive design
  • You can add a link on any slide
  • Can display images or videos
  • Title and description can be added in the caption
  • Many params to style the module
  • Captions with HTML allowed (to put some links for example)
  • Normal or random order for the slides





1. Using the Widget

The plugin Carousel CK comes with an integrated widget. You just have to select it and drag'n drop it into the sidebar area of your template where you want to show it. The widget has an option which lists the slideshow that you have created so that you can select the one you need in this widget.

carouselck admin 3

2. Using the Shortcode

You can use the shortcode directly into your posts and pages, and anywhere where the shortcodes are working into your Wordpress wesbite.

You can copy-paste the shortcode directly into the Slideshow CK plugin administration.

carouselck admin 1

3. Using PHP

Where you can not use a widget, nor a shortcode, you can probably use some PHP. There is a function that lets you call the slideshow you want. You can add this code into any PHP file (for example your theme file) to load the slideshow where you want. For example if you want to load the slideshow which has the ID 109, just write this :

<?php do_slideshowck(109); ?>



You can add your own slides with a Drag & Drop interface directly in the plugin administration. You can select an image to show for each slide and then add a link for each one too. For each slide you can choose to display a video, then you will select an image that will be used for the transition.

carouselck admin 2

You can order your slides just by sliding them with Drag & Drop. Test the Responsive design by resizing your browser window, you will see the slideshow will adapt its width.


Download the plugin Carousel CK for Wordpress

Release notes :

Version 1.0.0 - 28/08/14 :
- first release

Fast and powerful creation, customizable and responsive.

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