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Image Effect CK adds some nice effects to your images. You can control which effect to show between more than 20 effects. You can also animate the caption that is automatically created from the title tag of the image.





On any image into your website you can add the effect you want. You can choose to have different effects in the same page, and you can also animate the caption.

  • Applies to any image in the page
  • You can add the effect you want to each image
  • Animated caption that is automatically generated from the title tag of the image
  • No HTML knowledge required, just add the CSS class on the image
  • Possibility to add a link on the image

Using Image Effect CK you don't have to wrap your image with some HTML tag or add any additional code, just set the CSS class and the title on your image and that's all !

View the demo of Image Effect CK



The only thing you have to do is to add the CSS class on your image. You can use your editor is it has the ability to set a class, or edit the source code to add the class manually like this :

<img src="/images/yourimage.jpg" class="effectck-lily" />

You can also choose to animate the caption, or not. The caption is automatically created from the title tag of the image. Example of image source code :

<img src="/images/yourimage.jpg" class="effectck-lily" title="My title::A little description" />

See the demo for the list of available classes and effects.

Note that you can set a title and desciption using the separator "::" into the title tag.


Download the plugin Image Effect CK

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